Snow Days


Snow days have come early to Northeast Arkansas.

Normally we do not miss school for inclement weather until after the New Year. Instead, here we are a week and a half past Thanksgiving and NO SCHOOL.

If you haven’t been to Arkansas, it is a place where you can literally wear shorts and flip flops one day and be sledding in the snow the next.  Last Monday, it was in the upper 60’s, no jacket required.  Today it is 16 and we are bringing all the dogs in so they don’t freeze!

I have had amazing ideas for Christmas ornaments for all of my students that are not getting done! We only have 2 weeks before we are out for Christmas break.  We are out again tomorrow so I will only have 1 day with my Monday students before the break.  Oh well, that’s just how the cookie crumbles or maybe I should say how the snow falls.

Below is a picture of my side yard.  It is much worse than in looks, that is a layer of ice, then snow, then more ice! Going to be here for a few days!



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